Appreciating The Seattle Iranian Festival

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Enjoying the food, poetry, speakers, dancers, musicians, vendors and beauty of Iranian culture displayed at the 11th Annual Seattle Iranian Festival.

Seeing so many non-Iranians here is a reminder of the wonderful multiculturalism of the United States. Few countries, if any, have such a rich history of embracing and celebrating diversity.



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MashGhasem MashGhasem (@MashGhasem) Pinned comment
Sure looks very lively. A decent performance of a nice Kurdish song, never knew Seattle actually had an active Iranian community!
Thank you for posting.
Not sure why, but it reminded me of this performance below:

"اسمر, اسمر- با اجرای رامش و یک "کُر کِرمانشانی

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said Saïd Amin (@said) replied to MashGhasem (@MashGhasem) Pinned comment
Wow, what a visually rich, fun, rhythmic and nostalgic video. It's amazing how music transcends all boundaries, including time. I loved it. Thanks for posting :)

The festival was downright inspiring -- certainly good for my soul. My limited words here won't do it justice but we will post a comprehensive review tomorrow on The Iranian. Lots of great footage/photos and stories to share.
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Sue Sue (@Sue) replied to MashGhasem (@MashGhasem) Pinned comment
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said Saïd Amin (@said) replied to MashGhasem (@MashGhasem) Pinned comment
I should be winding down but...

The Ramesh video you posted reminds me of none other but the extremely talented Gloria Estefan And The Miami Sound Machine.

...and a little Sheila E. (such a #boss)

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