A painting by Kamal-ol-molk.

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Just wondering, what's the title of this painting?

It's definitely social realist material, with all that pimping on the left side (boy dressed in skirt) and...


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MashGhasem MashGhasem (@MashGhasem) Pinned comment
Mister Dakho is response to your question about the title of this painting, a friend from Ghias'abad museum of arts said that it was originally called "Persian Hip Hop."
All elements of hip hop are present here;
there are the Hoos (those little boys with no facial hair, dressed in skirts)
and the pimp is there signaling the price with his fingers.
Then we have all kinds of musicians,
and a john looking at the skirt,
and the thug with a dagger, getting ready to snap tha loot!

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