8 things you need to consider while buying a best mattress [Infographic]

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Quality of life is certainly something worth investing in. We buy so many things in order to make ourselves doing better & feeling better. Likewise, buying a mattress is one of the most vital investments that need to put to get a comfort level of sleep. And it’s important that you take the time to know what mattress will work better for you. To choose the best mattress with so many options and styles is quoits difficult.

We understand your difficulty and assembled this simple and convenient mattress buyer’s guide infographic that are designed to help you buy mattress online Chennai.

Thinking to change you old mattress into new? At what stage you need a new mattress?

 Just check with the below factors, if more than 3 factors acceptable then it’s the time for buying a new mattress.

1. Wake up unrefreshed

2. Sleep better in different bed

3. Uncomfortable at night sleep

4. Wake up short tempered

5. Saggy or lumpy mattress

6. You or your partner rolling to middle

7. Noisy Mattress

8. If your mattress is more than 6 years old

Do you have confusion on mattress size?

When it comes to mattress sizes, one size doesn’t fit. There are number of factors you must keep in mind prior to choosing the right size mattress for your needs.

Consider these following factors:

  • Your mattress is being longer than the tallest person sleeping on it.
  • The bed width allowing sufficient space to fold your arms behind your head. (without disturbing your partner or going beyond the mattress edge)
  • Mattress size should be suitable for room size.
  • There are various size & dimensions are available in mattress, according to your need choose the right mattress size.

The best bed size actually depends on no of sleeping person in it. If only one will be sleeping in the bed, then a single, super single or double size mattress will work. If two people will be sleeping in the bed, a queen or king will suit. Do you have children or pets sharing your bed? If so, consider a big king or super king bed that will be a perfect one.

What type should I buy?

 If we go to shop or online mattress store to buy a mattress, we can see more types of mattresses. Each type has its own advantage. Depends on the person needs, they need to choose right type of mattress and pillows.

Types of Mattresses:

  • Spring type: We know the fact that air circulation is more important for better sleep. Spring mattresses have significant amount of space between them, and therefore allow easy ventilation. This helps prevent the accumulation of body heat and ensure better sleep.
  • Rubberised coir type: It has the ability to provide you that refreshing and restful sleep that is very comfortable.
  • Foam type: It is soft and readily moulds itself to the contours of your body, providing good support for the entire body.

What about sleeping position?

We all have various habits when it comes to sleeping, but the position we sleep is falling in one of these three categories.

  • Side sleeper: For side sleeper soft mattress are most suitable because it allows your spine to be perfectly aligned.
  • Back side sleepers: For those of you who sleep on your backs, a medium-firm mattress is best choice.
  • Stomach sleepers: Harder mattresses are suitable for stomach sleepers.

Where to buy?

 We can see lot of online mattress stores and show rooms in market. Either, all has its own benefits and as well as demerits. Buying from online is the latest trend in the industry and most preferable choice for hassle free shopping. If you are going to buy a mattress from any physical shop or show room, you have option to sit or lie and make a try before you buy. But you can’t able to visit more no of shops to compare prices and quality. Online shopping provide comfort zone to visit various online mattress store to compare price and also to get product reviews from real users. Buying from factory may be cost you less but you can get limited brands only.

Look on the below mattress buyer’s guide infographic and get a clear idea about mattress buying and make your shopping as a good invest.


Happy Shopping!!