2016 Turkish Coup Attempt Compared With 1953 Coup in Iran

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After last month’s attempted military coup in Turkey, Seda magazine asks: “Which One Dealt Better With the Coup — Mossadegh or Erdogan?” (Cover by Bozorgmehr Hosseinpour).

► Rare photos of the 1953 coup in Iran


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ayatoilet ayatoilet (@ayatoilet) Pinned comment
I was actually thinking that the Turkish coup was more like the Nojeh coup in iran - after Khomeini took power. Much like Khomeini, Erdogan's rise to power was engineered by the West and their allies. His party has enjoyed financing from Saudi Arabia and other states like Qatar. And he had several key missions like toppling the Assad regime, which turned bad. Then they wanted him out, and got Egypt's Sisi to engineer a coup....which failed, largely because Erdogan's regime was tipped (much like the way Khomeini's regime was tipped) and the coup failed. The only difference was that in Iran, the failure of the coup MAY have been engineered by the West/Saudi's who had planned for the desolation of Iran's air force, so that Iraq's Invasion of Iran would succeed. In this case, you have to ask yourself, what was the underlying agenda for Turkey? Is there a Kurdish state in the works - that a decimated Turkish army won't stop? Is there a 'splintering' of Turkey in the works? What is the underlying plan? There are now, 18000 military incarcerated, 60,000 civilian and military terminations, dozens of Military heads asking for Political Asylum (in U.S., and Europe)? This is a mess ... but like the Nojeh coup, the net result will be a 'more dictatorial' regime in Ankara, and a regime that will turn away from the West (like Iran's) and deal with the West with suspicion. Its a deal. And signals a major strategic shift. Not good for the West. By the way, the intelligence tipping apparently came from Iran ... and Iran may have had a big part to play in counter coup measures. Nojeh all over again.
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