1 in 3 Of Us Want To See Quiet Zones Introduced On Flights

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New research from Jetcost has revealed that noise, steep food & drink prices and lack of leg room are the biggest pet-hates on board flights, with 1 in 3 admitting they’d like to see quiet zones introduced on flights.


And actually, hands up – I’m definitely one of those people. In fact, I recently wrote a post on how I’d like to see the introduction of child-free travel on transport – even though I’m a mother myelf.

A total of 2,197 Brits aged 18 and over, all of whom stated that they had been on holiday abroad at least once in the past two years and had flown to their destination, were quizzed about their experiences.

The stats

Initially all respondents were asked ‘What do you enjoy most about the flying experience?’ to which the most common responses were ‘knowing that I’m going somewhere other than home’ (3%), ‘the customer service’ (26%) and ‘the views’ (25%).

Respondents were then asked ‘What do you consider to be the most annoying or irritating aspect of the flying experience?’ to which the most common responses were ‘disturbances and noise’ (36%), ‘the steep prices of on-board food & drink’ (32%) and ‘not having enough leg room’ (20%).


Those who said they found disturbances on planes irritating were asked what bothered them, with the top five responses being:

1. Crying, whinging children - 67%

2. Rowdy hen and stag groups - 48%

3. Parents telling their children off - 44%

4. Those under the influence of alcohol - 39%

5. Those asleep, snoring - 19%

According to the poll, all respondents were asked how they’d like to see airlines deal with the issue of noise, to which the top responses were ‘headphones/earplugs should be provided free to those who want them’ (53%) and ‘there should be a quiet zone on flights, as there are on trains’ (32%).

What do you think?

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