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TopTopic is the new way to benefit from what you do online.

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Sign up and post the same ways you already do. You’ll start earning Coins the very first time another member shows your post or comment extra love. They can also give you a Reward directly from your profile.

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We make publishing easy. Post a text blog, photo, link, video, audio clip, or poll from your phone or desktop. Then share, share, share! More exposure means more chances to be rewarded with Coins. For artists, writers and other creatives, TopTopic can also help build audience and name recognition.

Earn Coins

TopTopic Coins are the centerpiece of a unique revenue model that encourage TopTopic members, and your supporters, to financially reward you. When you post content that members like, they can Boost that post or comment, putting real money in your pocket.

No CPM rubbish here. If people like the content you post, you will make money.


TopTopic rocks. For years I've been waiting for a platform that not only appreciates the creative, but empowers him. TopTopic has done just that. The act of giving and receiving actual cash is a paradigm shift in the whole social media bullshit of draw, share, paint and write for a f*cking Like economy. I've been sharing my work for free for years and it was time for someone to step up and create a place of REAL Gratitude on the interwebs - #lovequals TopTopic.
- Ali Sabet (@sabet)

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