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TopTopic is an uplifting space to create, discover, discuss and earn from compelling content.

An uplifting space.

We are building an online community seeking to eliminate the hate and harassment which plagues so many others. A community which enables income opportunity for its members, rather than taking the countless hours they put in for granted.

Together, these two elements make up the cornerstone of our community principles.


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TopTopic is a safe space for members to converse and we are adamantly in favor of free speech. But we won't hide behind it. This isn't about silencing thought or opinion. This is about treating one another as human beings.

We will disagree. We will have differing opinions on what is obscene or inappropriate. But we all know discrimination, abuse and hate when we see it and this is what we are seeking to eliminate.


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We have developed a self-sustaining revenue model called SuperTops, through which the community may reward one another, via stickers, enabling content producers, moderators and all community members to generate income.

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