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Let’s take back what’s ours.

If time is money, why are companies the only ones earning from what we do?

Drive your own online experience.

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Each time you post news, blogs, comments, causes, or creative work online is now an opportunity. Meet new people, exchange ideas, and even receive financial rewards when people show your posts extra love.

Then, pay it forward by rewarding others for the content you enjoy.

Earn a little somethin’ somethin’.

1,221 + = $24.70

Boost this post with a few Coins and financially reward this member!

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In a world of content overload, we believe in rewarding what stands out. If members love what you post, you’ll start earning Coins.
It’s not about having thousands of followers. As soon as that first person finds your contribution extra-worthy, you’re on your way to making money.

Go Beyond.

Discover something new about a topic that interests you, starting with the day’s top-ranked posts. Get your fix from a growing list of over 10 categories of news, information, art, humor and member conversation about the world around us.

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Hit the road, Jack.

We want to hear what’s on your mind. TopTopic’s community manages to share a wide range of viewpoints without resorting to bullying, hate speech, or cyber-harassment. Share your thoughts without worrying about personal attacks or people cowering behind free speech.

We’re a social community in pursuit of knowledge, art, and connection, and we don’t let petty behavior slow us down. Click here to read more about the way we encourage meaningful exchanges.

Support Your Cause

We’re partnering with nonprofits and enabling them to fundraise directly from their content and profiles. We’ve also created multiple options for members to donate their Coins directly to the nonprofit of their choosing. Support the causes you believe in and they will receive 100% of the proceeds. Learn more here.

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