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We gave it our best shot but have unfortunately fallen short in gaining traction and raising the necessary funds to keep TopTopic going. As a result we will be shutting down the site in the next few days. Many thanks to those of you who have been regular contributors. Your participation has been both inspirational and humbling. Please email me ( with any inquires. Thanks.

Spread your message. Earn for your cause. Activate your community.

TopTopic’s SocialEarn Program Is The Easiest Way for Nonprofits to Fundraise

Look, we get it. We’ve been there ourselves! Nonprofit organizations don’t need more to do – they need what they do to have more impact. TopTopic is designed to help you grow audiences and earn from what you usually do online. When TopTopic members post great articles, share news, comments, or creative work, they can earn Coins - which can be converted to real money.

Your charity can fundraise around the clock on TopTopic in several ways:

  • Post through your TopTopic account, earning Coins for posts or comments other members love.
  • Members can Pay It Forward, automatically transferring the Coins they earn to a charity of choice – including yours!
  • Accept donations from our members to your organization with the easy “DONATE” button located at the top of your member page.
  • No fees! As a registered member of the SocialEarn Program, TopTopic waves all 'processing fees.' As a result you will receive 100% of the Coins (dollars) you have earned from TopTopic members.

Why TopTopic Works

All you have to do is post and comment the way you normally would online, but by doing it on TopTopic, you’ll gain more from your efforts, growing your audience and earning Coins to fund your work.

How Do I Get Started?

Quick and easy signup with an expedited review process to ensure authenticity. We recommend setting up a single account for your organization, so your fans know who to follow. (Your leadership can also set up personal accounts and donate their own Coins to the cause!)

Participating Nonprofits

How Do I Get Started?

  • Begin posting. Create, manage and share the content that’s important to your organization - all in one place. Blog, write press releases, comment on news, and share other information and updates to keep your donors interested. TopTopic provides everything you need to become a thought leader.
  • Post about anything. Remember that you can earn Coins from anything you post that members find interesting; it doesn’t have to be topical. Share creative work, celebrity news, or anything else.
  • Earn for your comments. Did you know that comments can earn Coins, too? Don’t forget to comment on what others post. Any post or comment, on any Topic, can earn.
  • Sign in frequently. The more active you are on the site, the more exposure you’ll get. Get your name and logo in front of more people with frequent activity.
  • Be smart about tagging your posts. Think creatively: if your organization works with foster children, don’t limit yourself to “children” or “foster children”; use broader keywords like “adoption” and “family”.
  • Respond to comments! If someone comments on your post, write back! TopTopic is about encouraging awareness and conversation. Engage members to build your followers and the likelihood of them rewarding you with Coins in the future.
  • Visit your organization’s online dashboard. View stats and earnings. Learn what works and what types of posts are getting you reposts, comments, Tops and Coins from fellow members.
  • Ask us for help - anytime! Talk to our team about how to expand your nonprofit’s presence on TopTopic and how to use it as a fundraising tool. We are at the ready to help you make the most of your TopTopic experience. Reach out to us !

How can my nonprofit earn more on TopTopic?

  • Share your posts extensively, wherever you post on the web. This will help you bring the most eyes back to them. More people seeing and boosting your posts on TopTopic increases donations to your cause, helping to further your mission.
  • Tell your supporters that you’re on TopTopic and invite them to join you here!
  • Let supporters know that by Boosting your posts or Paying It Forward, they can help your cause.
  • Share your TopTopic posts far and wide. The more eyes are on your TopTopic activity, the more chances you’ll have to earn Coins.

Promote your nonprofit by utilizing TopTopic's suite of social plugins

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