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دانش آموختهء اقتصاد-سیاسی و علوم اجتماعی. تاکید و تمرکز این ستون بر پرسشواره های اقتصاد-سیاسی و کاتاگوری های مربوط به آن, به زبانهای فارسی و انگلیسی خواهد بود. Student of Political-Economy and social sciences. The focus here shall be on Political-Economy and related topics, in English and Persian.

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Avetis Avetis (@Avetis) on Pinned comment
Unfortunately, a seemingly consistent pattern of hubris and arrogance of power seems to lead the politics in modern Iran. From Reza shah to his son to today’s ruler of Iran, historically speaking they all have been the most arrogant and the most corrupt, right before their downfalls.

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