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iraj iraj (@iraj) on Pinned comment
This report is a good starting point but there are more reasons to be added as follow:
- Contracting companies (employment agencies) have popped all over the US job market and have monopolized many sectors of job market.
- Job seekers have to contact these agencies to land a job.
- Job finding agencies and employers have conspired together to keep the wages at a bare minimum.
- Large corporations such as Tesla prevent and discourage their workers from joining unions. For example Tesla fired more than 400 workers from their automobile production in Fremont California. Many had joined the United Auto Workers union or were about to. Search under 'Tesla union busting'.
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Kargar Kargar (@Kargar) on Pinned comment
The silent killer of workplace happiness, productivity, and health is a lack of basic civility,
And Living Wages and Unions.

Join the fight for $15!

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